This is a sensitive topic

but I feel it's an important one to address. There are many Lightworkers, Healers, Spiritual Teachers and LightBearers feeling completely smashed on the planet right now. There is such a phenomenon as the sense of being an imposter, feeling like we don't belong, that we're a burden to others, that others are better off without us, we're not doing what we came here to do; it's a feeling of despair and helplessness and even hopelessness...

It's a really touch place to be at times, and dark, heavy and negative thoughts can feel like they're taking over. I want to highlight this and talk about this, because it has happened to me. And I know it has happened to many who I am close to. These are people who are normally super bright, super optimistic, strong and often these are the people who hold the light and stability for others. It's a hefty energy to deal with, when you're someone who is normally so capable of keeping these illusions and negative forces at bay.

So I want to highlight that if this is you, you're not alone, and you can get through and in fact, you are. This path of transformation, on the deepest levels and on the truest, most authentic levels, require a process of becoming even more deeply aware of your power. We can find this authentic "know-knowing" through going through the fire. This fire, as uncomfortable and difficult as it is, is not going to be the end of you. It is not going to take over you. It ultimately does not have that power.

As a power force of light and truest love, you have the capacity to care for yourself through it, and trust yourself through it. It is in effect another dark night of the soul. Perhaps you have survived them before. Perhaps you have a deep knowing that of course you can get through it. Use your foundational practices - your meditation, your unplugging from the unnatural world, and plugging in to the natural; being calm in the eye of the storm. And it will pass.

I am here if you should need to reach out. I am backing you metaphysically. I know you can do this. I know you already have.

Here's the March Energy update. Please comment and share if it resonates or if there's someone who you feel would benefit.

My love to you always.

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