How to Manage during Worldwide Lockdown

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

This is the time where we get to see what we're really made of. There is so much unrest and horrific information shared online and we are being flooded with a lot of fear-inducing, destablising information all the time. Many are calling 2020 the most intense, horrific year of our lives. And perhaps it is.

But when we remember the great plan of love and light, about the Great Awakening and the adjustment of dark to light, we remember in many a guided message that we are to be able to Surrender and Let Go.

Let go of the ego, let go of the way things always have been, let go even of comforts, addictions and codependency, let go of the World as it Is. But in truth, how many are ready to let go? We are being confronted now, at this point, with a reality where we are unable to conduct business face to face as we once were, where economic depression is imminent, where we are unable even to walk the streets freely at any time, night or day. Some national parks are closed and we are no longer able to sit in a cafe at our leisure with a coffee, chatting animatedly with the barrister who is masked and determined not to make physical contact.

What is this world, when we are so worried about sharing germs that we are now unable to make small talk, hug or shake hands? Where we can no longer "loiter" in a public place without fear of being asked why we are there without a mask on?

For me, it has resulted in some deep soul searching, to find the meaning of these stream of events and a sense that there is doom ahead. Meaning is profound thing, it can help us navigate the most difficult of circumstances, by allowing us to find purpose and direction.

The meaning that I have found here, is that we must and certainly I must, bring my gifts to the fore, and exercise, practice and continue my purpose with newfound fervour, deeper commitment and unbridled passion.

But first, I must release the chaos and disbelief in my field.

Perhaps you have, like me, heard of meditation and have had regular practices along the way. Perhaps like me, you have ebbed and flowed in and out of a regular practice of meditation, divine movement and sacred ceremony. These ways are the easiest to access as they are free and require very little apparatus.

By keeping committed to our practices, we are able to clear and cleanse and create space for Spirit and Soul to speak through us. We are more easily able to hear and embody our purpose and bring it more fully into expression.

The time is now and we are being called. There is nothing more important.

Please enjoy this meditation that Mignon and I created today, 11 Aug, as a way of engaging in the practice of cleansing, healing and being in clarity. Brightest love,


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