How to Increase Trust in your Intuition

Many of us have hunches every day. We feel discomfort or anxiety when we're not listening to a deep aspect of our knowing. We can feel depressed or withdrawn if we're not following on a step to move forward or carving through the greyness.

Intuitive guidance is always present. It is never ending and has no limits. It is infinite and won't come and go if you're not listening. The experience I've had on intuition is that it's non-judgemental, it is hugely expansive and it is often at the edge of our comfort zone.

I take a case in point about a boyfriend I once had. This was a number of years back. I had made up my mind that I was not mucking around with lack of affection and approval (my past relationship was dismissive and I regularly felt rejected and unloved). So when I had a man come into my field who was clearly infatuated, I was hooked. All the time I was receiving this affection and attention, I had a niggling feeling inside that he was not in a position to be a committed partner and that he was avoidant. I couldn't see it clearly at the time but I had deep insecurity around being loved. When insecurities lurk internally, we have blindspots on related aspects in our lives. For me, the manifestation of insecurity of lovability meant that I couldn't recognise my internal discomfort of being avoided and incongruent communication. I knew something was amiss but at the time my need for affection overrode the need for clarity and stability in a relationship.

Despite all of this, I wanted to see clearly and knew that I wasn't able to truly hear my internal and ancestral guidance whilst I was in the whirlwind of single parenthood and survival. So I made a commitment to take time out. I was going to enter the daunting space of deeply listening. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear what was there.

As I organised care for my 2 children and dog and chickens, I went in. As I listened I heard that he was no good for me. My guides presented lovingly as always, a picture in my third eye, full body images of my Guides complete with gestures, words and song. I could audibly hear them telling me that I needed to free myself from the yearnings of sexual validation and physical touch and go deeper into the truth of my soul's song and purpose so that I may meet my match. My neediness had led me astray and put up blinders in both my psychic vision and knowing. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to let go or believe this could be true. My Guides told me to focus upon a great dream to manifest, so that my creative energy could be sparked with more integrity into a project that would help me grow bigger energetically. I decided to go to Peru with my daughters.

As I returned to my daily life, I could see with more clarity how I was being dismissed; how I was being deceived in my part-time relationship. I knew I had to honour my Guides and their beautiful care and love for me. I brought up the courage to say what I needed to say - that I didn't want this relationship anymore; that I needed to let go... and found that it was much easier than I anticipated. The breakup was mutual and respectful. Interestingly he sought me out multiple times afterward but I never turned back. I could feel the resonance of the truth that I was aligning with and it felt amazing; so vowed to stay true to that.

My Guides told me that as I was standing in my truth, honouring my intuitive sense with actions in the physical realm, I would be brought face to face with my match and with a life that would mirror the integrity of my word. It didn't take long until I left on a long-awaited trip to Peru with my 2 children. And on my return, I met the man I married....

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