Don't talk to me about Resolutions

It's the end of January. I've just turned 41 years old. I'm the mum in a household of 10. I have 4 children in school on Monday, my baby of 10 months is walking and I'm turning a new leaf for my business. You might have a bit of empathy as to why I don't want to commit to anything more. I have spent most of January in holiday mode [aka resistance to sitting down and setting resolutions].

But Friday something shifted.

My husband decided to take a night away to get clear on this year. I admire that. I encourage being prepared and intentional. I know that it's not just for him, but for us as a couple and as leaders of our family. But this highlighted that this is where I've been in resistance. I decided then to sit with my inner voice; my intuition. I decided that I need to stop and be present to what is there. I feel quite proud that I'd spent most of January 'offline' to business thoughts and commitments so it was quite a turnaround last night when I opened the new journal my husband had bought me and started a list of what I wanted to feel in 12 months time, December 2021.

As I write now, I can see that my husband's commitment to writing down some of the projects he's managing and how he wants to approach it - from his attitude to how the week's schedule will unfold, to how we're turning up as parents and when we'll take time off - has inspired me to move on my goals too.

We come from a foundation of knowing that we can do anything, we're not limited in how much we can handle and we are here to challenge and change the status quo. We appreciate that we're different, that we're not typical in any way, and that we prefer it that way. I have an unshakable commitment to love and turning up with love, to our union as a spiritual purpose as opposed to an expectation and to the sweet support that it provides me.

It doesn't mean that we don't expect challenges this year, but it means that we have an anchor point pulling us through.

If you're struggling to get out of your own 'rat race' and to see the trees before the forest, if you know you could benefit from a bit of support and inspiration, please sign up for my newsletters and updates.

This week I'm part of a webinar for "Practice Wellbeing amidst the Chaos" because this is exactly what my Guidance has told me to expect in 2021. 2020 was a slight introduction to how crazy things will get in the external society, so please anchor in friends, and stay in close. We're growing together and supporting one another each and every step of the way.

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