Clearing Heavy Energy

2020 has been a year of tremendous growth for me; one where lots was revealed and further layers of the veil torn open. I want to say that it wasn't a gentle year, however I see that there have been many angels in human form gifted to me as I walked a deeper and stronger path.

I discovered that 'shadow work' and the 'ego' are not something to be embraced, but energetic entities that if I gave them power would take all that my heart truly yearns for and grows toward. I learned how to shine light on the darkest of energies alive in my field and unveiled their ultimate purpose and divisive agendas. It wasn't easy.

Looking into oneself is not easy. I forget how practiced I have become with it, and how swiftly I am able to see, shift and adapt. I see others around me struggle to have the true willingness and commitment to disentangle because they feel they risk their true identity or image of self.

I am becoming more and more unwilling to tolerate these energies within myself and work quickly, if not immediately, to separate from the lower entity and release it promptly to Great Spirit and the healing transmutation of the Mother.

I see the entities playing out in big corporations, institutions and authorities as they punish, humiliate and hypnotise the masses. I see the power of the energy of love, Mother Earth and the Great Cosmic Order playing out beneath and surrounding all of the lower entities too. What a marvel, and almost a beautiful sight, to behold the ultimate power of All That Is and how puny and limited the darker agenda truly is. And yet, how marvellous that we can become so hypnotised and captured, fooled into believing that we must act misaligned to our truest knowing.

For me, I see the difference of the loop and web of the mind as a developed primary engine as opposed to the wisdom and expansive sweetness of the Heart. The Heart's infinite intelligence, wisdom and embrace offers the ultimate surrender and connection to truth. In there is simplicity, space and timelessness. In there is connected family, heights of laughter and unbridled creativity.

Today I danced. I swirled and moved my ribs, my spine, my pelvis; using my legs to twirl and manoeuvre to the beats of music. It was absolute freedom and joy, and gave me the experience of dropping into my heart and creativity. I feel like this practice has helped me a lot this year, and allowed me to re-centre on what is important and bring my focus to what I can do to support myself in this moment. It lifts my state, releases negative energy and recalibrates my thoughts and my heart.

I know this kind of activity can be the last thing you feel like doing when you're under the spell of a heavy energy. It can take enormous energy to rise and dance, or to reach out and get support. However we know on a deep level, that this simple gesture will change everything.

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