3 Tips for Managing Your Energy in Lockdown

If you're a sensitive, empath, healer, teacher or lightworker, you'll be feeling the uncertainty and stress of this time.

It's in the field, it's in our relationships, it's in our thoughts and in the media! It sometimes feels as though we can't get relief from the imposition of this fearful, divisive energy.

I'd like to share a concept with you that will help you enormously with gaining some space from the energy of lockdown. Firstly I'd like to invite you to see it as an entity... see it's pervasive, manipulative, unrelenting movement across many people, times and places. Enquire into this entity or energy and ask what's beneath this energy? What is its purpose? What is its intention? What is its effect? And ultimately ask yourself, where does it hook me in? These questions can help create some separation from this thought/feeling/entity and allow you to reclaim your integrity and sovereignty to be true to your heart. In your heart of hearts you know this is not you, these are not your intentions and that division is not the direction you wish to go in...

Whilst many of us have different beliefs and feelings about what to do about this time, in this video I share my 3 main practices for maintaining a clear mind and strong heart. Many know me for my courage in speaking up and standing strong for my heart and for the pure hearts of others and this is indeed my greatest honour and committment.

Please share this video if it speaks to you and leave feedback below.

Much love!!



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