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naomi nonu-carling

Have you struggled with feeling overwhelmed and held back?
Are there blocks restricting your powerful knowing?
Is it time to embody worthiness and release self-doubt?

Welcome to my website! I am super passionate about this present time and being part of the Great Shift underway, in all it's convoluted struggle and seemingly overwhelming challenge. The truth is that we are here at this time because we are part of the great shift in consciousness. We can do it. We are doing it. We are here to bring new realities into practice. And we do that simply by walking each challenge and becoming more of ourselves. 


Being born in this time of evolution, and knowing that you're here for an important mission means it's time to embrace your spiritual abilities and shift into being fearlessly in the driver's seat of your life. We are each creating our part of the web of beauty, change and reconnection. 

There really is no time to waste and certainly no need to hesitate any longer. 

We have each traversed many challenges in the journey. This helps us to garner courage and learn great lessons in love and freedom. We can feel powerless in challenges and unable to change. I have spent much time here and continually discover that there are keys and opportunities to graduate and release negative patterns once and for all. Indeed, this is when we must power up. It may not always feel easy, and yet this is exactly what our spirit loves to rise beyond. It's a journey that is personal to each of us, and there is no particular length of time that it can take, except that we are now in a massive surge of awakening, and great insights and initiations are rapidly available. 

As a Guide and Teacher, I offer 1:1 sessions, group events and coaching journeys to assist you to pass through and rise into brightly being and becoming yourself, beyond the programming, conditioning and dramatic narratives that keep us down. 

Find me on social media (@naomimeaalofa) or email me directly to get onto my emailing list. Please follow my social media account for more offerings. 

So much love, 


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Free Me Out Session

Freedom beyond negative patterns,

energy fields and cycles

It's normal to get stuck in negative energy but it doesn't have to hold you any longer. Not many know it's possible to become free. A dynamic and groundbreaking process 

that supports you to free out from destructive patterns and habits in behaviours and relationships, such as self-sabotage, lack of trust and fear of abandonment. These sessions reveal

the energy behind limiting habits and free you to be yourself.


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