Sat, 03 Oct | Jack's Corner Retreat, Kangaroo Valley NSW

Special Retreat : DEEP LISTENING

Spiritual Retreat - Aboriginal Knowledges, Deep Intuitive Listening
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Time & Location

03 Oct 2020, 2:20 pm AEST – 05 Oct 2020, 12:00 pm AEDT
Jack's Corner Retreat, Kangaroo Valley NSW

About the Event

- have you been seeking a way to connect to Country? - do you value ceremony and Aboriginal spirituality? - are you committed to listening to and aligning more fully with your inner guidance? - do you need a reset, inspiration for a new way of being and an opportunity to deepen your connection to Country? In unprecedented times, we need both to create new ways and reconnect to old way (whilst still adhering to social distancing!). This retreat has been designed to give you a nurturing and connective space to enter a deeper awareness of your gifts, your purpose and your relationship to all of Life. With the Aboriginal knowledges and ancient ceremonies shared by Jade (read more on him below) and spiritual ceremonies and development practices led by Naomi, you're given the opportunity to go deeper into your own spirit and give acknowledgement to your wisdom here. These two have been working together, acknowledging all journeys, and bringing forward ancient ways into new times. In this retreat : • decolonise • open your abilities for deep listening • dissolve constraints on your confidence and spiritual connection • discover the ancient ways of Aboriginal Spirituality specific to Yuin Country, merging old ways into our new way • learn how to Channel easily so you have access to your sovereignty and direct guidance • immerse yourself in beautiful country and space for quiet, deep reset and cleansing Includes: > Aboriginal cleansing ceremony and knowledges > meditation / channeling workshops > generous accommodation and food all included > full nature retreat, without distractions of social media or demands on your energy > engage in deep listening, to discover / uncover your true inner guidance > meet and align with your Spirit Guides and the spirit of Country Due to current social distancing laws, there are only 12 places available. Rooms are 2 to a room only with a shared bathroom. Register by deposit of $150 or full transfer for discounted amount and DM to Naomi. WHEN : Saturday 3rd October 3pm ━ Monday 5 October 2020 12noon WHERE : Jack's Corner Retreat, Jack's Corner Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW EXCHANGE : Before midnight July 20th earlybird discounted special is $590. Before midnight August 11th earlybird special is $650. Standard exchange is then $720, and includes all vegetarian meals, accommodation and workshops. Concessions and pay plans are available. ( Suggestion : Pay Plan A:  4 x $150, Pay Plan B: 3 x $200, Pay Plan C: 2 x $300. ) TO BOOK : complete the Registration Form plus transfer a Deposit of $150 to secure your place. For an earlybird special, balance must be provided prior to date of earlybird expiry. Please see below conditions of payment. PLEASE BRING : layered clothing, walking shoes, a journal and pen, any items you like to have with you for meditation, cushion and blankie. Featuring : ________________________________ Naomi Nonu-Carling, [ BSci Psyc, Grad Dip Psychotherapy, NLP Coach ] Naomi has practiced for over 16 years, facilitating retreats, sacred circles and development for groups and individuals spanning topics including : • meditation, • self-healing, • development of psychic abilities, • opening to Channel, • discovering Soul Purpose, • women’s wisdom and • marketing for spiritual business. Born to a Samoan mother and English father with traditional Seers and Healers on both sides of her ancestry, she has a passion for indigenous culture and first peoples’ wisdoms leading her to sacred sites worldwide including in Peru, New Zealand, Egypt, Israel, Samoa, Thailand, UK, France, Australia and Ireland. She’s a mother of 3 and stepmother of 4 and lives in Wollongong NSW with her husband Jade and family. __________________________________ Jade Kennedy Jade Kennedy is a Yuin man from the Illawarra and South Coast of New South Wales. He has been privileged with the intimate knowledges of his peoples customs, culture and Country, and attempts to honour this through the building of knowledge-based relationships grounded in respect, responsibility and reciprocity. He is also a published, award-winning and international University Lecturer, responsible for embedding Indigenous Knowledges and perspectives into the higher education curriculum. He currently achieves this through the Jindaola program, where he employs Aboriginal methods to engage interdisciplinary academic teams in a process of knowledge and curriculum reconciliation. You can see his TedX Talk here His big heart, expansive knowledge, sensitivity and responsibility combines to bring intellectual, spiritual and community-centred embodiment of the practices of this precious and ancient culture. _________________________________________ What other's have said of Naomi and Jade's DEEP LISTENING RETREAT: I was very keen to do the retreat but not sure why I was. I was interested in both the indigenous aspect as well as the channeling. I was looking forward to giving myself space to explore. I learned to trust the feelings I have. The channeling was AMAZING. I had no idea!! The teachings from Jade were also beautiful and provided a fantastic framework for life. The channeling was a highlight; the circles around the fire and sharing. The beautiful Country and Jade’s Saturday morning session. I feel so much more open and relaxed. This weekend was beautiful. Thanks so much Naomi and Jade for organising it and making the space. I learned so much and now know I have so much more to learn. – Cindy Before coming, I felt a big yes from my heart to be here. No expectations. I feel like I have struck gold, all experiences have been so precious. The learning has just started. I am realising my mission – to keep things alive. I felt held, nurtured and safe. This land is magical. I now feel excited, alive and optimistic for our world. The best workshop I have ever attended. Pure magic and life changing. – Tricia I felt inspired to attend following what seems like a “spiritual awakening” and it became overwhelming at times, I felt the retreat would give me a space to talk about my experiences and help me understand and grow them. I learned a wise way of living. I saw gaps and voids in areas of life that don’t need to be empty. Learning about deep listening and sharing space with others and sharing with other people was a highlight as well as the venue and learning about channeling. Both of you articulate thoughts, knowledge and feelings so beautifully. I felt your presence and what you brought to the space was bigger than your physical body and words. This retreat validated the spiritual journey; gave me validation to keep talking to the trees, birds, ricks dirt… everyday. To keep expanding that practice and to do this eventually with human relationships. – Bee I had no expectations but felt the call of spirit to attend this retreat. I learned to trust my inner knowing, to keep everything ALIVE! I need to keep doing the work, continue my journey in the neverending circle, past, present, future. There were so many highlights; the smoking in and teachings from Jade. Loved his teaching style and sense of humour. It made it very accessible to my intellect. Naomi’s softness but strength in holding space, her sound healing and teaching channeling with grace and ease. YES! Now I am stepping into my fullness with courage and the “tools” to keep me in check on my journey. I am extremely grateful for the sharing of ancient knowledge and for both your generosity of spirit. This course brought everything full circle in my life until this moment, that I have a responsibility to deepen my relationships with everything and in return I will be given the gift that every opportunity brings. – Linda Bear I was feeling a little lost/stuck – knowing there was more I needed to connect with to reach a deep level of understanding of myself on all realms. I learned Deep Listening to everything in Life; deeper connection to kinship, Country and the Aboriginal learnings of connectedness and purpose. The highlight was channeling through voice, connection to my ancestors with a clear vision of her. Beautiful supportive, natural and nurturing environment. This retreat expanded my consciousness to a deeper part of who I am. Gave me new tools to reach deep listening to all things, to reach my soul purpose this life. Amazing, authentic facilitators. Thank you Jade and Naomi. A new understanding of Belongingness, heart-warming piece of this puzzle completed. Thank you – Tracy I felt guided to come here. I felt it would help with some personal work I was doing. The framework from Jade and Naomi’s channeling was and is valuable. This is for me, all about what I can do for myself. I appreciate that. The integrity and professionalism of both facilitators are rare. Both sharing what they know and what they are able to. Very deeply appreciated. This weekend helped me to understand and appreciate myself, affirming who I am. – MM I wanted to attend the retreat for the spirituality. I wanted to connect more to myself. Learning about the experiences from so many beautiful souls was “ticking the boxes in my mind: yes, yes!!”. I learned there is a continuous realm that connects past, present and future. One needs to tune in to Deep Listening, becoming more mindful and the result will be manifested in our souls and daily enjoyment of life. The voice channeling last night was an experience of surreal realism that forever will stay in my heart. The highlight was also the love from Jade and Naomi and all of the girls, their acceptance, understanding and sharing and learning. My intentions were to shed judgement, sadness were some of the things I have written on a piece of paper that was burnt and I feel that some of it has lifted. – Lara I felt like I needed to take a personal reset to get in touch with my inner guidance, needs and desires. I wanted to learn to trust my inner guidance more and knew that I just have to STOP and tune in. There were many highlights starting with the beautiful, soulful venue Jack’s Corner Retreat. The amazing and nourishing food from Pip and the gentle, wise sharing of knowledge from Naomi and Jade and all the participants. I now feel more relaxed and have created some space to reflect and have a wise foundation from ancient culture to help shape my future. A gentle, soulful reset and kickstart and remembering. I now need to apply. – Aisling I was purely attracted to the Aboriginal content “Deep Listening” as I wanted to know HOW the Original Peoples did that. And I also loved the Samoan history content of presence. I felt it would DEEPEN MY DEEP LISTENING. What did I learn? Gosh! How to live my life on a deep listening level, how to connect more to EVERY THING, everything will now have a personality and hence I will be “in relationship” with everything. “Everything is alive” has been confirmed for me. This course gave me a deep appreciation for EVERYTHING in my life. It gave me a pathway to investigate, to follow, to deepen my appreciation of and connection to all life, animate and inanimate. A pathway to deeper awareness, deeper joy and deeper belonging. Thank you for this previous gift. So grateful. – Linda Joy Flower I knew I was coming to have an experience that was going to meet and fulfil a space within me that has been calling in this work. I was validated on my path. Trust was cultivated and a gift of a future rich with potential was given. The whole weekend was one perfect highlight, with one amazing crescendo. A gentle entry and exit all with ease. I feel rich and fulfilled, changed and inspired. – CS I have not been in alignment for quite some time but the week before coming I had some major shifts which I feel were necessary for me to be open to receive this with as much depth and clarity as I feel I have. I leave being open and receptive and connected to my inner and outer world with an awareness and aliveness like I have never perceived before. The highlights were the sound channeling and healing, Jade’s workshop and the group energy especially in Naomi’s meditations. I now feel open, receptive and integrated. I loved this retreat, I only wish it went longer. I would have loved to have had 2 full days extending the learning from Jade and Naomi as it did go quickly I have liked to learn more or have more time there. – CB *NB re: Deposit and Financial Exchange : Should you need to cancel your space, your exchange minus your deposit will be refunded in full unless in the scenario of you cancelling your space within 10 days of the retreat and we are unable to fill the space with those on the waiting list, then no refund or transfer will be given.

Registration is Closed

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